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Join ConnTech and enjoy huge savings on your phone bill each month - up to 62% on a annual basis compared to traditional phone service.  Compare us even to other VoIP companies and you will see we offer the best in value. Join us today!

Provider Service Plan Basic Monthly Fee Other Fees Subscriber Line Charge1 Total Monthly Cost Annual Cost Annual Savings Percent Savings
ConnTech Popular Unlimited $19.992 $3.00 $0.00 $22.99 $275.88 - -
Vonage Premium Unlimited $24.993 $1.98 $0.00 $26.97 $323.64 $47.76 15%
Verizon Freedom Essentials $39.954 $5.95 $0.00 $45.90 $550.80 $274.92 50%
AT&T All Distance Select $39.995 $8.956 $5.30 $54.24 $650.88 $375.00 58%
Qwest Choice Home $44.997 $0.00 $6.50 $51.49 $617.88 $342.00 55%
BellSouth Preferred Pack $49.998 $3.959 $6.50 $60.44 $725.28 $449.40 62%
Time Warner Digital Phone $39.9510 $0.00 $0.00 $39.95 $479.40 $203.52 42%
Comcast Digital Voice $39.9511 $0.00 $0.00 $39.95 $479.40 $203.52 42%

Rates effective 8/7/06. Your savings may vary. Comparison excludes government required taxes and fees which vary by area.

  1. Typically invoiced as "Federal Subscriber Line Charge".
  2. $1.50 "Regulatory Recovery Fee" plus a $1.50 "Enhanced 911 Cost Recovery Fee".
  3. $0.99 "Regulatory Recovery Fee" plus a $0.99 "Enhanced 911 Cost Recovery Fee".
  4. Verizon Freedom Essentials varies from $34.95 to $39.95, depending on your location. The plan includes only three features: basic voice mail, caller ID and call waiting. Unlimited calling to Puerto Rico is included, but not to Canada.
  5. $39.99 price is only available if ordered online. A $13.95 activation fee applies. ALL DISTANCE SELECT includes unlimited domestic calling only. Service plan includes caller ID plus a choice of two selectable features, but does not include voicemail.
  6. Fee for basic voicemail service, invoiced as "AT&T CallNotes".
  7. Qwest Choice Home provides a choice of three features, including basic voicemail. Includes unlimited domestic calling only.
  8. Consists of the BellSouth PreferredPack Plan ($30) and BellSouth PreferredPack Unlimited Plan ($19.99). The combination provides five calling features, excluding voicemail. Includes unlimited domestic calling only.
  9. Fee for basic voicemail service, branded as "BellSouth Voice Mail".
  10. $39.95 fee only applies for subscribers to Digital Cable and/or High-Speed Internet service. All other subscribers pay $49.95 per month.
  11. $39.95 fee only applies for subscribers to both Comcast Video and Comcast Internet Services. A $44.95 monthly fee applies to subscribers who have either Comcast Video or Comcast Internet Service. A $54.95 monthly fees applies to those who have neither Comcast Video nor Comcast Internet Service.

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